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Home Staging services

After conducting a thorough assessment of your property, our aim is to elevate its appeal by crafting an inviting environment that resonates with potential buyers, thereby expediting the selling process and maximizing its market value.


Vacant spaces often fail to convey the full potential of a property. By skillfully staging your empty premises with carefully selected furniture and accessories, we ensure that prospective buyers can envision themselves inhabiting the space.

Areas we serve:

We provide staging services for homeowners and Realtors in Santa Clara, Alameda, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties.

We will:
  • stage your vacant home (we bring our furniture and accessories)

  • stage your occupied home (we reorganize what you have and add our items)

  • give you a consultation (we give you ideas, you do it yourself)

  • help you prepare your house for market

  • work with your budget

  • listen to your concerns

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